Re: Beef Brisket in slow cooker/crockpot

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Noises Off, Jul 16, 2005.

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    kate36 wrote:

    > Has anyone done this on here?
    > We are planning to cook ours on LOW most of the day,with celery, onion
    > and carrot with some bay leaves and seasoning.
    > Any other ideas, please leave feedback

    Lots of beef recipes use beer instead of water for the
    liquid. A Guinness or similar can add a lot.

    Personally I like to add parsnip, it really produces a very
    unusual taste.

    [In case of confusion and/or different names I mean the big,
    white carrot thing]

    Noises Off

  2. guy f klose

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    I cooked a brisket this last weekend. Saw a recipe for brisket on Emeril Live...
    they suggested a "point cut" brisket, and then dry rubbed it. I didn't particularly
    care for their dry rub, so I suggest you come up with your own.

    There was a homemade bbq sauce that was part of the recipe, but I found it overly
    sweet and garlicy. There again, I think you could use anything. The recipe called
    for an oven braise, but I just crock-potted it. I think I did high for about an
    hour and then lowered the temp. It was in about 9am and then I pulled it out at
    4pm to shred it, so 7 hours.

    I took the time to shred it and remove the big globs of fat. It turned out great,
    and leftovers yesterday (three days later) were even better.