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Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by zuuum, Dec 28, 2004.

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    > I just purchased one of the new Waring Pro Belgian waffle irons and


    > I much prefer a crisp waffle and thought that's what I was going to
    > get. But if I turn the heat up, I think they will probably burn.
    > Are all Belgian waffles like this?
    > Should I have purchased a regular waffle iron instead if I am looking
    > for a crisp waffle?
    > Thanks.

    Hard to say without knowing your batter recipe. Spraying the waffle-iron
    surface with "Vegelene" or "PAM" will not only help the waffles release, but
    also help somewhat fry the surface.

    Also, don't over load the iron. A small blob will expand to the edges. If
    you have a lot of batter seeping from the edges within the first 5 seconds
    of closing, you are probably using too much.

    I use an old-fashioned cast-iron waffle-iron. The great thing about
    cast-iron is that once it's hot it cooks pretty much the same using either
    electric or gas heat sources.