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    Big Bertha Thing gamma
    Cosmic Ray Series
    Possible Real World System Constructs
    Access page JPG 81K Image
    Astrophysics net ring Access site
    Newsgroup Reviews inluding alt.sci.planetary

    Round photographic plates.

    A photograph of the tracks of electrons,
    ejected by the gamma rays from radium,
    after these had been filtered, through 2.5 cm. of steel.
    Some of the electrons have energies of 1 MeV.
    The photograph was taken, with a magnetic field of 12,000 oersteds.

    From a book by
    J.D.Stranathan Ph.D.,
    Professor of Physics and Chairman of
    Department, University of Kansas.
    The "Particles" of Modern Physics.
    (C) Copyright The Blakston Co. 1942

    Big Bertha Thing effort

    If you see someone slogging away, but doing it all wrong.
    Please remember, a great effort, with no results,
    is worth more than a great result with no effort.
    The first is purchased at great cost and the latter,
    in terms of cost, is worthless.

    (C) Copyright Tony Lance 1997.
    To comply with my copyright,
    please distribute complete and free of charge.

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    Big Bertha Thing debit

    UK big banks have now made debit cards mandatory.
    1. Every cheque book has a debit card.
    2. You do not sign agreement for debit card.
    3. Lost or stolen cards must be cancelled.
    4. Insure debit cards for 1000 pounds sterling.
    5. For every 8 pounds loss charged to the customer, the bank can
    lend 92 pounds. (Multiplier)
    6. Cheque guarantee card included.
    7. Cash Card included.
    8. Phantom withdrawals included.
    9. 50 pounds cashback at supermarkets.
    10. 250 pounds 'Hole-in-the-wall' withdrawals.
    11. 100 pounds Post Office and bank withdrawals.
    12. How do you prove that you have cut the card up and disposed of it?
    13. How do you prove that you did not use it before destruction?
    14. Cut the card up and give to your solicitor or third party for
    safe-keeping. (Escrow)
    15. The survival of the banks depends on putting customers to the
    sword. (Barbaric) Obviously not all customers, just enough.
    16. Unauthorized access to debit card accounts, includes both
    criminals and bank insiders, which seem to be synonymous.
    17. Authorized access to debit card accounts, includes bank
    insiders, grazing on the customers like milk cows, in their
    official capacity, as per job description.
    18. You no longer need to prove this in a court of law, since it is
    endemic and ubiquitous. (Common knowledge) Case law sufficient
    for class action.