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    From where I live (Hudson County, NJ) it's easier for me to get the NY
    Waterways ferry at the Harborside Terminal in Jersey City. The ride itself is
    about 5 minutes.

    Last year in our rider packets they had a special offer which included parking
    and round trip for rider and bike for $7. You had to order it in advance. I
    hope they have it again -- it was a good deal.

    If I remember correctly, the Marriott has a deal for BNY riders. It might be
    kinda pricey but worth the convenience.

    This will be my 4th BNY. A few words of advice:

    1. Get there EARLY. I try to get the 6 AM ferry.

    2. Bring a pack of disposable antibacterial towelettes for use in the
    Port-o-Sans. Trust me on this.

    3. If you're riding with companions, bring cells phones in case you get

    4. HAVE FUN! It's a wonderful way to see NY, and the greatest two-wheeled
    party around!

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