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Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Mark Thorson, Feb 7, 2004.

  1. Mark Thorson

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    Jan the Accuser wrote:

    > Mark Thorson is a lackey for Barrett.
    > He not only lies, he has repeatitis, and his battle with Cell Tech taught him
    > nothing.

    I've asked you to post an example of a lie I told
    about Cell Tech -- and you have consistently
    refused to do so.

    I have many times asked you for an example
    of one of these LIES you claim I told, and you have
    not been able to post EVEN ONE example.

    You have posted examples of what OTHER PEOPLE
    have said about my postings, but those are not examples
    of any statement I made which is a LIE.

    You have posted statement you made by assembling
    fragments of my statements together to form new
    statements, but those are not examples of statements
    I made.

    You have NEVER posted an example of any whole
    statement I made which is a lie. I have asked you to
    back up your accusation with an example of one of these
    lies you claim I told, but you never do. You usually just
    ignore my request -- as though it does not matter whether
    I actually told a lie or not.

    That is the way you work -- you make FALSE accusations
    in an attempt to smear the reputation of honest people,
    then ignore any requests to back up those accusations with
    any evidence.

    You have no morals. You have no shame.
    You are a despicable human being.