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    >Don Gabacho wrote:
    >> >From The Los Angeles Times, 1/23/04:

    >> Border Agents Assail Bush's Plan to Bring in Guest Workers
    >> The proposal is a slap in the face and in reality an amnesty, say
    >> officers' union leaders.
    >> By Scott Gold and H.G. Reza, Times Staff Writers
    >> HOUSTON --
    >> U.S. Border Patrol agents, charged with enforcing the nation's border
    >> laws, are furious about President Bush's proposal to create a guest
    >> worker program for millions of illegal immigrants, union leaders say.
    >> In interviews this week, nearly three dozen current and former agents
    >> across the nation called Bush's proposal an insult to the thousands of
    >> men and women who have devoted their careers to fighting illegal
    >> immigration, including wave after wave along the California-Mexico
    >> border.
    >> The agents -- many of whom otherwise support the White House --
    >> savaged the Bush proposal as a grab for Latino votes and a favor to
    >> the business community, factions of which rely on cheap immigrant
    >> labor.
    >> And they say they are bracing for a rush of people trying to sneak
    >> into the United States.
    >> "We get rocks thrown at us. We get shot at. We get spit on," said
    >> James Stack, a representative of the agents' union and a 16-year
    >> veteran who patrols the border near El Paso.
    >> "There have been many agents who have given their lives in the line of
    >> duty," Stack said.
    >> "This seems to say that those deaths were for nothing, and that this
    >> administration is not truly concerned about immigration."

    >Bush is an ass-sucker, pure and simple. Democrats furious that they are
    >denied a lick or two. Watch the Senate action on immigration reform.
    >Watch the sleazebag Chamber of Commerce couple with the limp dick left
    >to push for a plan more extreme than the little whore Bush.

    Don't insult whores by comparing them to Bush and the other political
    hacks infesting Washington.