Re: Breakfast

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Margaret Suran, Feb 10, 2005.

  1. Dog3 wrote:
    > I was snooping in the fridge to see what I wanted for breakfast. I am tired
    > of eggs prepared *any* way. I was not in the mood for bagels, cereal or
    > just about anything else. Ah HAH! I spied the left over rotini noodles and
    > the container of left over sauce. It was wonderful. So tonight I might do
    > breakfast for dinner.
    > Michael <- had dinner for breakfast.

    Michael, you exert such a bad influence on the rest of the rfc
    posters, if my mother were still alive, she would not permit me to
    play with you. :eek:)

    Guess what I had for dinner tonight, after reading your posts? Ham
    and eggs with home fried potatoes, Ciabata toast and a green salad.
    Marcel had Cream Of Mushroom Soup from Agata and Valentina, the one
    that Barbara likes so much. For dessert, Millefoglia and tea for
    Marcel and Italian Fontina and the last piece of toast shared by both
    of us. Yumm!