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    dredging this from the depths after 'smash elbow'
    ( .

    trying to pull a coleman slide on a skateboard (basically grab the board
    and force the board to move parallel to the axles of the wheels). it's
    supposed to be a relatively safe way to stop, compared to foot

    broke my fibula near the ankle. they say it's real common to break that.
    decomissioned for 6 weeks, the plus side being some good exercise for
    the upper body.

    moral: don't attempt a trick you've never, ever seen done. and only
    heard vague references of.

    where's erin these days? i see flywheels on her skateboards, same as

    edit: oh yeah.. then the surgery 2 weeks after to make sure i didn't
    develop arthiritis in the joint. needed a plate and screws put in.
    breaking stuff is quite a hassle.

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