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Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Faux_Pseudo, Mar 9, 2006.

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    > Indeed. It's nonsense like your ridiculous claim that I don't know
    > how to smoosh meat ("smoosh" being the scientific term) correctly that's
    > the real problem here.
    > Stacia

    YAY! For! STACIA!

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    > On 13 Mar 2006 10:17:55 -0500, Rich
    > Holmes<[email protected]> wrote:
    >>[email protected] writes:
    >>> I was at Trader Joe's earlier today and, while waiting in
    >>> line, enjoyed the sendup of wine snobbery in their goofy,
    >>> wine-critic-style descriptions of the "varietal"
    >>> chocolate bars. My favorite was the one with "a hint of
    >>> tobacco."

    >>I mentioned Valrhona on a.r.k recently. Their literature
    >>includes "varietal" and "tobacco" while omitting "goofy"
    >>and "sendup".

    > My friend, who was coincidentally at Trader Joe's yesterday
    > also and read those same descriptions, said that she's not
    > so sure they were intended to be goofy send-ups.

    I was at a Trader Joe's on Saturday ! I bought 4 bottles of
    wine and some yummy blackberries and 2 kinds of fancy
    chocolate cakes and TO HELL WITH THE DIET !

    >>Good chocolate, though.


    Sis got me a 1 pound + bar of dark for giftmas. Or was it my
    Bday ? Anyhow, I still have about 1 pound of it. Of course,
    I only opened it on Friday.

    > Indeed it is.
    > But as with expensive wines, so with expensive chocolate: I
    > don't want to develop my palate to the point that I can't
    > enjoy the cheaper-but-good stuff.

    I am willing to risk it. I don't like milk chocolate at all,
    and for all love dark chocolates, I really don't eat all that

    Mate will consume most of the cakes I bought. He doesn't like
    dark chocolate, so I get to slowly nibble the big bar to

    TeaLady (mari)

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  3. On Mon, 13 Mar 2006 20:17:59 +0000, Adam Funk wrote:

    >On 2006-03-13, Chris McGonnell <[email protected]> wrote:
    >>>Anyway, it's easy to spell "thesaurus" if you remember it's the book
    >>>that looks like a dictionary but sounds like a dinosaur.

    >> Ever been attacked by a Thesaurus Rex like that lawyer in Jurassic
    >> Park?

    >Um, no...
    >Hey, is that a threat?!

    Just stay outta the park's port-a-johns.

    Chris McG.
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  4. Adam Funk

    Adam Funk Guest

    On 2006-03-14, Chris McGonnell <[email protected]> wrote:

    > Just stay outta the park's port-a-johns.

    I try to avoid them already.