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    > Hi,
    > Am considering attending the CCA and am leaning toward the hospitality
    > management program.
    > Thoughts?
    > Yes, I know it's godawful expensive. Yes, I know the school has a fine
    > reputation.
    > So. Is the cost worth it? How is the job-placement following
    > graduation?
    > It it worth a career change from a technical writer in his mid-40s?

    My opinion... being a later-in-life culinary grad, though I was not persuing
    a management option.... Don't assume you are going to make decent money in
    the field upon graduation. Job placement may be there, but any decent
    paying jobs in culinary, and I assume management included, are going to ask
    for at least 5-7 years experience regardless of your performance at a
    culinary academy. The physical demands, whether front or back of the house,
    during that period are going to tax you, even had you been in your twenties.
    I'd start with less expensive training....a community college or vocational
    training school, and then decide on further training. MUCH cheaper, and
    probably arm you with as much as you will need before making any informed
    decision. If you are looking for a comfortable living at this stage in
    life... reconsider... i.e. bail and cut your losses. LOL Of, course, there
    are exceptions... but I would surely not bank on them. I am assuming that
    being in your forties, you have financial obligations that you will
    personally have to continue meeting. Weigh that seriously or you could find
    yourself in deep kim chee later.