Re: Carbon Fiber Seat Stays = Better Ride?

Discussion in 'Road Cycling' started by bfd, Apr 12, 2005.

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    >I have seen carbon fiber seat stays being advertized as improving the
    > "comfort" and the ride "quality" of a bike. Serotta even goes so far
    > as putting a bearing at the dropout end on their high end bikes to
    > allow the seat stays to flex and act as springs to soften the ride. Or
    > at least this is what is claimed. Other manufacturers make similar
    > claims.
    > So given a regular full titanium frame like a Litespeed Tuscany how
    > much if any difference would be made by having the seat stays made of
    > carbon fiber? Would the difference be noticeable or not? Has anybody
    > done any _quantatative_ measurements or studies on this or is it all
    > subjective?

    You want a "better" ride? Then get wider tires. Instead of running 700x20 or
    23mm wide tires, get something like a *true* 700x25 and pump up to 100psi.
    Remember, wider tires = more air volume = more comfort. Plus, wider tires =
    lower rolling resistance. That will provide more comfort and "better" ride
    than carbon stays....