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    > 1) Up to what size in cm is heart attack considered large,moderate and
    > small? 2)What's the smallest (in cm) heart attack that PET or SPECT can
    > easily detect?3) Which test is better in diagnosing CAD: a resting only
    > PET scan with FDG and rubidium or stress echo? Thanks

    1. I don't know, ask a cardiologist. I would think that percent of overall
    heart muscle would be more important than actual size.

    2. That question can't be answered. It will depend on the system resolution
    of the camera, the isotope used, the patients body habitus, and other

    3. A rest only PET scan will not be much use in diagnosing CAD. The stress
    portion of the test is needed. Given those two choices, a stress echo is the
    better option.