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    > I'm new to road cycling and was needing some suggestions on getting my
    > cardio health up to speed for biking. I rode 30 miles this past
    > weekend with my wife and it almost killed me. I'm in good physical
    > shape, but rarely do any cardio. I've had one person say do intervals
    > on my treadmill, and others say just ride a few times a week.
    > Unfortunately, I can only ride on the weekends. Thanks in advance for
    > any suggestions.
    > Rick
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    Trainer or roller with an HRM. That's what I did when I cut a tendon and had

    Timex has a cheaper data recorder and HRM combo then Polar. You can upload the
    data and check your progress.

    That's if there is no other conceivable way to get on the bike....

    You can use the HRM/data recorder with you on rides to check your progress

    Your treadmill may work a little but cycling uses different muscles. You need to
    work efficiently with those specific muscles thus the treadmill can only do so

    I went from running to cycling. I was in great aerobic shape.
    On the bike though I "lost" it cuz of those different muscle groups.