Re: Cast Iron - Lids: Iron or Glass?

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Serendipity, Mar 6, 2005.

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    aem wrote:

    > Richard M. Kennedy wrote:
    >>I just bought a cast iron skillet because of its suitability for
    >>recipes in which the covered skillet goes directly from the stove top
    >>into the oven.

    > Good idea. They're also great for fried chicken and a lot of other
    > things that want a pan that holds heat well.

    They are very good for fritattas :) I made a pea meal bacon, mushroom,
    potato, and chees fritatta for Sunday brunch. Very good!

    >>I notice utensils are turning up in stores now with silicon handles
    >>and knobs that are claimed to be oven-safe. [snip]

    > Sorry, I know even less about silicon than about iron.

    I have limited knowledge of using silicon utensils and bakeware it the
    kitchen. I'm new to both. Of what I've used so far, I've been quite
    pleased. I have bakeware (muffin tin, cookie sheet) and utensils
    (barbeque brush, deep ladle, spatulas, oven gloves). As far as
    temperatures, my bakeware is good to 500 F for the muffin tin and 425 F
    for the cookie sheet. I can't recall a rating on the utensils. I've
    had no problems as far as heat. I have small hands and find the oven
    glove too big but the little finger/thumb mit is too small to prevent
    burns to the top of my hand if I'm careless. That is the only negatives
    so far.
    > -aem