Re: Cast Iron - Lids: Iron or Glass?

Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by Richard M. Kennedy, Mar 7, 2005.

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    >I just bought a cast iron skillet..........

    Thanks for you all sharing your experience with me.

    By the way, concerning the cookware I mentioned seeing sold with
    oven-safe silicon handles and knobs, I should have said
    "silicon-covered" handles and knobs. The pans were of steel or
    aluminum, not iron. I mentioned them because they looked like a
    possibly reasonable alternative to iron for stove-to-oven COVERED
    cooking. But I chose iron to be able to use the pan under the broiler
    which apparently would destroy the silicon. That iron works both in
    the oven and under the broiler was enough for me to make the choice.
    I did not know enough about the benefits of the special heat retaining
    qualities of iron you mention to make that the basis for choosing.

    Another "by the way": I didn't make an exhaustive search, but the
    only seller of cast iron cookware I found here in a nearby suburb of
    Washington, D.C. was a hardware store! Fisher's in Springfield, VA
    which carried a broad line of both seasoned and unseasoned cookware
    Wait, that's not true. Target had one, but it had no second handle
    like the Lodge and the one it had was only long for one hand (maybe
    two of a preschooler). Great for a little old lady in training to go
    into combat with a mace or single-handed broadsword.