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Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by Doug Freese, Apr 2, 2005.

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    >I thought I would write about the Catalina Island Marathon that I ran
    >3-19-05 off the coast of LA, which I thought was probably the most
    >brutal and unforgiving terrain that I had ever seen in my entire
    >life..22 miles on dirt roads and trails.

    Sounds like a quasi-ultra. Unforgiving is big rocks, slippery roots, mud
    and maybe some rain. Dirt and hills sounds heavenly.

    > This marathon was the 1st time ever my arms and biceps were also sore
    > probably from all the arm swinging on the hills. It was a marathon
    > that I knew would be difficult and going into it, I wasn't very
    > prepared to run any respectable time especially considering my sore
    > knee and my total of 10 miles run during an aggressive 2 week taper.

    I would be willing to bet big $$$ if you walked some of the steep hills
    you would have run a much better time on the clock and felt better at
    the finish. 4,300 over 26 is significant elevation gain and loss and
    unless you trained heavily on hills, trying to run it all was a serious
    waste of energy. Way to gut it out!!!!

    Sounds like your wife is the ultra runner. I like her sense of
    challenge. :)

    I'd love to volunteer but you need to send air fare.