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> I've never done this before but I'm guessing it's a pretty
> straightforward job. I'd rather do it myself than get my LBS to do it
> if I can. Are there any gotchas I should be aware of?

Getting the first ring of the headset race down the fork. This takes a
remarkable amount of controlled force and is much better done with The
Right Tool, which your LBS will have. Get them to do just this bit, and
the rest will be quite easy. Inserting the star fangled nut also
requires more force than you'd expect, and you're better to do it with
the fork out of the bike or else you can knacker your new headset. Clamp
the crown of the fork in a big vice and welly the SFN down with a bit
off the end of a broom handle.

> The forks seem
> to have recently developed about 1/2" of unsprung travel when I lift
> the front of the bike off the ground so I'm going to replace them with
> some rigids.

Good plan, if the bike is used mainly on road.

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