Re: Cheap Alternative To Red Wine

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  1. Gillian White wrote:
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    > > Yep, that's the whole point of the cask :) You don't have to

    reseal it -
    > > you pour out the wine via a rubber valve which keeps it

    > > sealed when you're not using it.

    > That sounds perfect, so I'll look into this. I don't mind spending

    $10 - $20
    > if I know it will last long enough for me to cook five or six dinners

    out of
    > it :)
    > Gillian

    I used to hate wasting wine when cooking because I don't drink and here
    in Utah they don't sell the small bottles. Fortunately, I came across
    something called "Private Preserve" in the Sur La Table store in SLC.
    >From the label of the spray can:

    "Private Preserve prevents oxidation or spoilage of wine by using the
    inert gases used by wineries worldwide -- HARMLESS nitrogen, carbon
    dioxide & argon....Protects ...for days, weeks, even months. Works by
    laying down a a blanket of protective gas on the wine's surface; it
    blocks out oxygen..."

    A can costs about $10 but it lasts a long time. It's saved me a lot of
    $$ by my not having to buy a new bottle whenever I come across a recipe
    that calls for some kind of alcohol--not to mention saving me the
    trouble, time, and gas of driving to the state liquor store in the next
    town over.