Re: Cheap dual bikes vs Claude Butler


Peter Clinch

[email protected] wrote:
> Hi, I've recently bought a Claude Butler Supermoto Mens 26ins, 24
> Speed mountain bike for about £150 from a local auction in London.
> These bikes got for £370 new.
> Shown here:
> I'm seeing a *lot* of cheaper bikes for £70, 26ins, 24 speed that also
> have dual suspension and shimano gears. Is there much difference
> between the cheaper bikes and the hand made Claude Butlers?

The CB you have very probably isn't very good: full suspension at this
sort of price is basically sheep in wolf's clothing stuff.

£70 bikes, OTH, are lame sheep with bad asthma in wolf's clothing. In
automotive terms, think clapped out Lada with remoulds but a shiny paint
job, alloys and a big spoiler.

Junk, in other words, that will weigh a tonne and go wrong.

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