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Discussion in 'Food and nutrition' started by meee, Mar 10, 2006.

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    >>> G'day mates,
    >>> Happened to be down in the tourist ghetto of Cairns today and found
    >>> that the local Myers department store currently has a "special" on
    >>> *all* food and wine books in stock -- 25% off IIRC.
    >>> Dunno if the sale extends Oz-wide, but you might like to check 'em out
    >>> if you're interested. (Probably destocking before the chain is
    >>> unloaded by the Coles-Myer group. :)
    >>> I managed to resist -- I don't *need* any more unread recipe books --
    >>> but I damn nearly succumbed to one on Chinese cooking. :)
    >>> Forwarding this to RFC too, in case any of the denizens are checking
    >>> the group on their mobile phones while out on the Barrier Reef. Give
    >>> 'em something to do back in town other than get pissed and/or laid.

    >>what were you doing in cairns?

    > I have the fortune/misfortune of living within an hour of the ghetto.
    >>I'll have to go check that out, thanks for the tip; I'm in need of some
    >>new recipe books.

    > Just make sure you *use* them. ;-)

    yes sir!! (wishing I lived as far out as you......)
    > Cheers, Phred.
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