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    > Just found it curious upon raising my level of walking, light jogging,
    > jump roping and so on, I've noticed upper chest pains. It quickly subsides
    > when I rest up for a minute or so. But it does get painful. It does not
    > seem to be in the heart area, and it is on both sides of the front of the
    > chest and down the left arm if I really get my heart going.
    > I've done very little if any exercise in the past. I don't much care for
    > it. But now that I made my peace with it, I am stepping it up. Any

    > on this?
    > I'm setting up a doctor's appointment ASAP, of course. And will refrain
    > from over working the heart until I get a clear picture. Just wanted some
    > ideas, whether or not it happens to others that start off exercising after
    > not doing so for so long.
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    > Steve

    Are you nuts? Asking a diet NG about chest pain? Go get an EKG NOW!

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