Re: Ciclosport HACtronic HAC4 and USB Software bundle


James Fitch

"Mike Jacoubowsky" <[email protected]> wrote in message
news:[email protected]
> The percent grade feature on the Hac4 is as bad as that on most other
> computers; it's based on a calculation of distance vs elevation gain/loss,
> and they sample far too frequently to account for minor fluctuations in
> barometric pressure. If they tried to average out percent grade over, say,
> the past 100 meters... it might not be so bad.
> The power function is just for kicks, since it doesn't take into account
> headwinds or tailwinds, which have a very large effect on actual delivered
> power for a given speed.
> The altimeter, in general, is more accurate than most. That's probably the
> best part of the unit.
> The downloaded data isn't as useful as it should be for training purposes,
> since it records at 20 second intervals (vs 5 seconds for the Polar, and
> between .5 and several seconds for a Garmin Edge, which uses variable
> sampling based upon need).

Actually, the HAC4 Pro will record at 5 second intervals if you tell it to.
The HAC4 Plus is limited to 20 second intervals. Otherwise, I agree with
Mike's comments.

I am very curious about the iBike -- just not yet ready to spend $400 to
feed my curiosity.


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