Re: Classic 2 1/4 Pound Diet Got Peary to the Pole

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Dr. Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD

[email protected] wrote:
> Bob (this one)" wrote:
> >Pemmican is a very concentrated food, a pound of which would
> >contribute between 3000 and 5500 calories. Likewise four ounces of

> Hum, some of the highest densities of cals-to-gram and dried foods are:
> Raisin cals/gm =3.25 * 454gms(1 lb) = 1475 cals per pound
> Butter =7.14 * 454 = 3241 cals per-lb
> Cheese------------
> Mozzarella =2.857 * 454 = 1297 cals
> Beef Jerky =3.5-4.5 * 454 = ~1815 cals per-lb
> Perhaps you are measuring their food on your planet Jupiter?
> >Bob Hoffman, many-time Everest climber, says that each climber on the
> >teams will consume between 6,000 and 12,000 calories per day on the

> That's a 100% variation range, quite a "Guesstamate" from an
> "Expert" you site; if he played horseshoes that would be a backward
> throw and if it were a hand grenade he would blow himself up!
> >climb and lose a pound of body weight a day. He also says that the

> Gee, I wonder if "This Expert" stripped them naked in sub-freezing
> snow and weighted them daily?
> >as the 2 pounds above. 5100 to 7100 calories ought to be plenty for
> >anybody... ya think? I wonder how much weight they'd lose eating

> Bob, how do you type this vomit while your head spins? Is there an
> Internet Exorcist reading this thread in the house?
> Come on Bob, the # 1 reason for the skyrocketing obesity in American is
> the poundage! Despite low-fat to low-carb "eat all you want"
> propaganda, we must decrease the intake!
> Please get a life instead of this personal anti-Christ crusade.
> CU. Mike

That would be difficult if not impossible since he has turned away from
the source of life.

Thank you for the links that affirm the truth :)

Such is the work being done here for Christ's glory

Servant to the humblest person in the universe,


Dr. Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD
Board-Certified Cardiologist

Who is the humblest person in the universe?

What is all this about?

Is this spam?
Dr. Andrew B. Chung, MD/PhD wrote:

> [email protected] wrote:
>>Perhaps you are measuring their food on your planet Jupiter?

Unlike your 2PD that seems to be being measured in Uranus...