Re: Classic 2 1/4 Pound Diet Got Peary to the Pole

"Those who are reborn in Christ no longer have Adam as their father.
With Adam there is death. With Jesus there is eternal life."

This is a non sequitur. How is Adam not your father? We all are his
children by birth. All of us
can follow the line back to him. Adam was never a part of the medicine
Christ brought that we may be healed and restored to communion with Him.
Our father Adam made it necessary that Christ come to defeat death that we
may have life eternal. The above is a very confused conjunction, a
doctrine of inovation I don't recall in scripture. As scripture does
clearly say, we are not to indulge in private interpretations such as this
seems to be. Christ is the second Adam, the first Adam our father by
birth, and the
second our spiritual father by rebirth.

It is good that you have been led again to reconsider many things, may God
continue to open all of our eyes. It is good to be reminded that we are
to give our all to Him, not half measures and that as stewards of earthly
things we are to do with them as we best can, such as perfecting the diet.