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The coker is fantastic, because it's relatively cheap, fast and really
really fun to ride. I've got 1000s of miles on mine and it's my main
form of transport (I don't have a car).

It would be great if it came with some better bits as standard, but not
if it upped the price too much.

Cheap and easy upgrades -

Everyone upgrades the seat. A Kris Holm or seat that
has a big plastic handle on the front would be great. Most people who
don't have expensive custom handles use Kris Holm type seats. They
probably don't cost much different to a Viscount seat either.

Wider hub - a bit wider hub would be nice. Personally I don't like the
really super wide (100mm) hubs, but lots of people seem to be changing
theirs for the coker hub.

Pedals - if it came stock with cheap metal pinned pedals instead of
plastic ones (like these, called VP something -
), it would be cool. Most people use some kind of pedal like this.

As for more expensive upgrades, it'd be nice to have an aluminium rim
and stainless steel spokes as standard, but not if it upped the price
loads, they're not absolutely vital. A couple of us rode 100 miles in
10 hours on Sunday, both with stock coker rims, both our cokers have
ridden an awful long way with no rim problems at all.



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