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Johnny Sunset aka Tom Sherman

Luigi de Guzman wrote:
> On Mon, 09 Jul 2007 11:14:56 -0500, Doug Cimper wrote:
>> Luigi de Guzman wrote:
>>> My ass isn't exactly the same as yours; why should my saddle be?

>> Believe it or not--there are bicycles that basically only come available
>> with ONE seat, and that seat is comfortable enough for the vast majority
>> of humanity.
>> The RANS Zenetic is one such bicycle (although I think there are plastic
>> and carbon-fiber versions, so I suppose that's two seats).
>> ~

> RANS recumbents are not universally available. I can't justify the
> additional cost and hassle (won't fit on bike racks on buses/cars/trains,
> etc.)

Er, the RANS Zenetic is a "crank forward" upright, not a recumbent:

> They're perfectly sensible bicycles, I'm sure, but the fact is that saddle
> pain is not a problem if you learn to set up your (diamond-frame) bicycle
> correctly.

For many this may be true. For those who it is not, they likely give up
on cycling, which is unfortunate.

> In my case, it's a cheap fix: study, some time with an allen wrench, and
> off I go.

The proper generic term is "hex key" (right "gotbent").

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