Re: Creaking Cannondale CAAD3 ?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by Zog The Undeniable, Oct 10, 2004.

  1. Steve Sr. wrote:

    > I have a 2000 Cannondale CAAD3 touring frame with a Shimano 952 XTR
    > tripple crank and bottom bracket. The bike has about 13,000 miles on
    > it and this crank and BB has about 6-8,000 miles of the total.
    > During a recent 500 mile week long tour it has developed a creaking
    > sound that is synchronous with pedal rotation. The sound is really
    > nasty sounding and is obviously resonating in the frame tubing which
    > gives it the annoying "tinny" sound
    > The sound is much more pronounced with light spinning pedal pressure
    > when I am seated on the saddle. With no pedal pressure the sound is
    > gone. It is also greatly reduced or eliminated by standing on the
    > pedals.
    > At first I thought that this was a problem with the seatpost or seat
    > since the sound seemed to go away when standing on the pedals. I have
    > since disassembled and greased the post, frame clamp, and saddle rails
    > and the creaking sound is still there.
    > My thoughts now are turning to the bottom bracket as a source of the
    > noise. While on the tour I had the support staff tighten the BB which
    > made no difference at all. So now I am begining to wonder if it is the
    > BB or something else. Does any of this sound familiar to anyone?
    > A cycling buddy that works at a bike shop suggested reinstalling the
    > BB with teflon tape to solve the problem. Does this sound like a good
    > idea? I would appreciate some feedback before tearing everything
    > apart.

    The only cure is to take everything apart, check it for cracks, and
    reassemble with grease (anti-seize is good for threads). Sod's Law
    dictated that the similar creak on my touring bike was the BB moving
    against the frame shell, which is the last and most difficult thing to