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    > Ok, so I may be imagining this.
    > Started LC and started losing weight. After a week or so I had felt a
    >burning around all the stomach where there was extra fat.
    > This sensation stopped when I hit a plateau, about 3 weeks ago. The weight
    >loss now continues steady, after I had raised fat intake and added extra
    >workout. I had also dropped from 20 carbs to about 10. I also stopped
    >Psyllium, which I had taken every night. Thinking I needed extra fiber. But
    >I was worried it was part of the stall so I dropped it. (Was it perhaps?)
    > The burning around the waist and butt is back. And sure enough, the weight
    >loss started registering again. Pound by pound.
    > Am I imagining this, or is this something people feel while the losing
    >commences? About 5 years or so ago, when I lost my first 40 pounds then
    >kept it off, I don't really remember this feeling.
    > Is it possibly just the skin trying to shrink? The feeling seems deeper
    > Any comments please?
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    > Steve
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    Who knows what is causing it! Maybe it is something, maybe not. But
    if it doesn't seem to go away, it might be something to consider more
    seriously. Any allergies that might be causing it???


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