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Reason for posting on the internet....

Thanks for for the feedback. I encountered you post whilst performing a
vanity google search.

I agree with the sentement regarding posting my travelogue on the
internet. Perhaps an explanation on how it ended up there will help
fill gaps.

The log on the internet is a compilation of daily emails, a blog if you
will. I used a pocketmail email device to keep in
touch with friends and family whilst on the road. Each night (give or
take a bit) I would write an account of the day as an email and send it
to a friend.

The friend had would then forward the email onto friends and family. The
web page at is a post of the unedited
log of those mails.

There are photos at
// which in a similar vein, are
just data I accumulated on the trip.

Working the document into something with a 'theme' could take
some time. :)

Its a long way between musings in a tent at the end of a 100km ride, and
an article that meets the Cyclist
Submission Guidelines

For another travelogue, you can do a lot worse than
http://www.lunky.comCraig Giffen's Effort I met him in the Northern
Territory and kept on bumping into him all the way to Perth.


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