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    nareloc <[email protected]> writes:

    > I am thinking of flying with my bike to Nice with EasyJet. I have
    > been told that the area around Nice airport is a bit of a
    > nightmare. Anyone any experience of cycling out of this airport? I
    > will be heading north from there into the quieter areas of Provence.

    I have not cycled out of the airport, but the main roads in and out of
    Nice are very busy, practically like riding on a US interstate highway
    or an M-road in the UK (except the drivers are actually quite a bit
    more accommodating). Get the Institute Geographique National large
    scale maps of the area, which show you your options.

    A few potentially helpful Web sites: (you'd be riding the
    reverse of this route, depending on where you want to go)

    Personally I'd take some kind of transportation out of the airport and
    into the quieter roads, if I was leaving for my ride directly from the