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    Laureen wrote:
    || Thanks Peter,
    || I thought I was getting a good deal here locally but I went to the
    || website you linked here and $57 a case plus ground UPS shipping was
    || still cheaper. I got mine today and they were packaged beautifully
    || with a thick styrofoam molded frame made just for the bottles
    || andeach bottle was bubble wrapped around the base and a piece on top
    || of each bottle before the molded lid was put on. NICE package job. I
    || was a bit worried they wouldnt get here intact but I will be
    || ordering again. I'm a stick in the mud though. I dont venture with
    || too many different flavors. I have a fav... I ordered one of the SF
    || Dav. rootbeer, one SF DaV french vanilla, one Torani SF caramel and
    || 8 of my fav SF Dav. carmel . Thanks again for the tip
    || And... BTW.......I'm still waiting for that letter you promised.
    || Isn't it getting close to the time you and your sis are going to
    || come and visit me???????????
    || Laureen

    *Hanging head in shame* I'll catch up withmy correspondence this weekend
    Laureen, I promise! I got the pictures of Larry today, OMG, what a
    difference. Good for him. You two should go on Oprah or something. I've
    never seen a couple accomplish what you guys have done. When I write an
    e-mail this weekend I'll update you on what's going on with my
    vacation/travel plans.

    You got you syrups before I got mine; mine haven't arrived yet! Waaaahhh!
    It's because the store is on the West Coast andI'm here in Williamsburg, VA.
    Mine will probably come tomorrow. I'm curious Laureen, what do you do
    withall the SF caramel syrup? (I'm thinkin' that maybe you and Larry pour
    it on a rubber sheet and then get a bit kinky? hehe).