Re: demoing bikes (was summer double header, I think)

Discussion in 'Mountain Bikes' started by Monique Y. Mudama, Jun 21, 2005.

  1. On 2005-06-15, gabrielle penned:
    > I demoed a Giant Reign, just to humor my friend who is bugging me to
    > get a full-sus, and I didn't like it. Too swishy on the back going
    > up hills. I also tried a Trance, which I could envision myself
    > liking if I could get the proper length/height stem on it. Still
    > kinda swishy on the back though, but I suspect that would go away
    > with different tires*. I really wanted to try an NRS, it sounds
    > like I'd really dig it, but they didn't bring one. :( Boo-f'in-hoo.

    Granted, I have no hardtail experience, but I thought the Klein
    Palomino climbed awesomely ... unfortunately, I couldn't get the demo
    bike to shift. But if you can find one, you might have better luck.
    I remember some folks on amb owning and loving this bike.


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