Re: Deraileur/brake cable ends: What're U using for anti-fray?

Discussion in 'Cycling Equipment' started by LF, Feb 22, 2006.

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    bicycle6228 wrote:
    > Nobody likes frayed cable ends..

    I was using anodized aluminum clamp on ends ... until I met the
    geniuses at Heavy Metal Bike Shop, in San Francisco <>.

    I was on vacation with my Raleigh Twenty, in need of new brake cable.
    They invited me to stay inside the shop while I replaced the cable, and
    then asked if I wanted a cable end. "Sure," I say, and the next
    thing I knew they showed me what I now consider the coolest bike repair
    tip in recent memory.

    First they heated up the cable end with a butane lighter. Meanwhile,
    they took out a collection of plastic beads, from broken necklaces, and
    asked me to choose. I chose a small golden pair of dice. They slid
    one of the dice on to the hot cable end, where it remains to this day.
    Not to break up a set, I borrowed the butane lighter and installed the
    second one on the other brake cable.

    It's the kind of unique shop I really like.