Who thinks this forum needs a redesign?

[opt] 1 yes[/opt]
[opt] 2 no[/opt]

If you have any ideas, let me know about them and i'll see if we can use them 8)

My ideas for the redesign are as follows;
  • Better header and footer for all the pages
  • Better HELP and FAQ's area
  • Nicer logo
  • Stay with the blue colour scheme
  • Drop some of the less popular boards
If anyone has something they'd like to see implemented, please add it here :)

FYI - I've added the following;

* new buttons
* added a footer to each page, included is a button the will take you to the top of each page (very handy ;D )
* i've also changed some of the various images that appear throughout the site

now i'll be working on a new header for the site and an improved help (FAQ) section, so it you notice anything strange dont panic ;)
Wow, I go away for the week-end, come back and the site has gone through a metamorphosis!
Great stuff! The logo looks very cool! 8)
Nice job, admin ;)
If your going to drop some boards, maybe you could introduce a " Club Scene " Board.

I'm not a member of any club, but there must be clubs that don't have their own website,and they could use their own particular thread to notify members of any news or info that they wish to pass on.

It's just a thought.  :)

This message will self-destruct after it's been read so stand back ;D
it looks cool ;D. but what happed to the links/news sections?
They will be back later today (tonight)

If you need to check them out, they are located at;

Looking good Admin. Although I am one of the people that voted no (I thought the site was pretty good before), but it looks really good now.

Just one thing, dont know if it's the site or my connection, but when I backspace it erasers 2 characters instead of one. Not a major problem, but does make editing a bit tricky.
I take it this is when you typing up a message?

I know access to this site is bloody slow for people in SA :( maybe your pressing the back space twice? also what browser are you using?

Has anyone else come accross this problem?

I'm using I.E. It's not a case of hitting the backspace key twice, but just thinking about it now I dont think it's specific to your site, I remember freqeunting a Network24 BB and having the same problem, it eventually just came right. Perhaps it got to do with the software. Anyway, I would not stress about it if I were you, it's not a serious problem just thought I'd bring it yo you attention in case someone else had the same problem.
I'm new on your website, and my feedback is:


After getting an email inviting me to your website, and after finally making the time to do so, I wish I had done it sooner! Your website rocks! :D I'm impressed with:
* Your setup - very organised, easy to find relevant board, user friendly...
* Your attention to detail (date / time / etc. so one can monitor when we've been surfing tooo long, and should get back to work ;)
* Your messaging facilities, while one is logged on, will become very handy and fun, I'm sure!
* Your ;D smileys, as I like to express myself that way!
* Your link to Lance Armstrong's website at the top right - that is the cherry on top! :D

Basically, in summary, now that I've discovered your website, I will alert all my cycling buddies, and we will become regulars on here! Watch this space for more, and KEEP UP THE EXCELLENT WORK! At last, a website offering more than just the norm! All the best in 2002,!!!!!
Ah, I was waiting for you to join, Elsa! Welcome aboard!
We hope you and your buddies will enjoy your time here with us. ;)
OK, whats going on? When I click on '10 most recent posts', I get a bunch of white columns. So I re-installed IE6 last night, that didn't help. Then I reformatted my PC, still to no avail. Only after the re-format I realised that I didn't make a backup, now all my data is gone!

I've replaced my graphics card, but it's still the same. I'm contemplating upgrading the processor and memory now, but do you guys think it will help? Anyone?
Have you also formatted your PC, ouzo? A friend has told me that there is a "White Webpage" virus around, and that it is very dangerous. It can delete your harddrive and damage your monitor. Is this true?
;D ;D vo2 im pritty sure its just admin that changed the color combo for the main page. he's done a similar thing in the past. the text is still there you just have to highlight it. the color combo is white text/background. it must look different on steves machine with a different browser? any way IE is the best browser ;D ;D im sure steve is happy that he has made such a good forum that you would reinstall ie and windows just to get it back again ;D ;D ;D
But now I've lost all my files! and all my mp3's, and all my nasty jpeg's! My buddy says that I must open the harddrive and spin the metal disk in the opposite direction. This will apparently un-delete my files. He says its due to a bi-directional checksum stackdump.