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Discussion in 'Health and medical' started by Mark Thorson, Jan 23, 2004.

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    Jan the Despicable Accuser wrote:

    > And here is what Cell Tech says.

    First, nothing said by Cell Tech is an example
    of a LIE I made about the algae. To be a LIE
    that I made, it has to be words written by me,
    not somebody else.

    Second, even Cell Tech does not claim that
    I made a lie or any false statement about their
    company or its algae. They say my statements
    were "defamatory". That's true, they were
    defamatory. If I said Charles Manson is a
    murderer, that would be a defamatory statement
    against Charles Manson, but it would not be a lie
    or a false statement.

    Why won't you post an example of a lie
    I made about Cell Tech or their algae?
    You have repeatedly claimed I lied about
    the algae, but you never produce EVEN
    ONE example of these alleged lies.

    You are despicable because you make
    false accusations, and you know your accusations
    are false, but you make them anyway.

    That's what makes you despicable.

    Your reckless disregard for the truth makes
    you despicable.

    You incessant smear campaign against
    honest people (who happen to disagree
    with you) makes you despicable.

    You are truly a pitiful, pathetic excuse
    for a human being. You seem to be driven
    entirely by hate. There seems to be no good
    in you. Thank goodness you no longer take care
    of children. You must have been some kind
    of a monster to those kids.