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  1. This is a curious contradiction. The one person group at the link below
    advocates an ultra high carb diet, as seen in the meal plans given, while
    the article appended below says a diabetic should avoid that exact same
    diet type. So which is it, follow the article or the meal plans on the
    web site, both can't be what a diabetic should do? That site is a bait
    and switch site for anti animal product consumption propaganda.

    >Visit the Physicians Committee for Resposnible Medicine
    >for excellent food recommendations:
    >Diabetes Diet War
    >By Dara Mayers
    >U.S. News & World Report
    >Sunday, July 6, 2003
    >The bible says "make starches the star." That's the
    >Diabetes Food and Nutrition Bible, published by the
    >American Diabetes Association. "Grains, beans, and
    >starchy vegetables form the foundation of the Diabetes
    >Food Pyramid. The message is to eat more of these foods
    >than of any of the other food groups." For 17 million
    >Americans with diabetes, diet is a crucial part of
    >treatment, And what the ADA bible preaches, many doctors,
    >nutritionists, and patients believe.
    >But what if the ADA's high-starch diet -- another way of
    >saying high-carbohydrate -- is not healthy for people
    >with diabetes but harmful to them instead?
    >This possibility is now the source of heated debate in
    >the diabetes community. It is "the most controversial
    >aspect of diabetes treatment today," says Scott King,
    >editor-in-chief of Diabetes Interview magazine. How
    >controversial? "Malpractice!" is how physician and
    >diabetes specialist Lois Jovanovic, chief scientific
    >officer of the Sansum Medical Research Institute in Santa
    >Barbara, Calif., describes conventional high-carb
    >nutrition advice.
    >Carb consequences. These arguments are more intense than
    >the nutrition wars over low-carb . . .
    > [...]
    >This is only an excerpt -- read the complete news at:
    >Visit the Physicians Committee for Resposnible Medicine
    >for excellent food recommendations:
    >Jai Maharaj

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    > Why are you lying? PCRM is a non-profit organization
    > of thousands of physicians and other members.

    BULLSHIT! The PCRM is a vegan/animal rights organization masquerading
    as a medical organization. Very few of its members are physicians, they're
    almost all animal rights activists. Basically, PCRM is a front-group
    for PETA. They like diets that don't harm animals. They don't give a
    damn whether the diet harms diabetics or not.

    > Visit the Physicians Committee for Resposnible Medicine
    > for excellent food recommendations:
    > Jai Maharaj
    > Om Shanti
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    Oh, I see you stepped on your head.
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