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    >I have been chastised and rebuked :) At least I learned something today,
    >although not about food.

    "I been 'buked and scorned..." (That's the proper blues version of it

    >Dinner tonight is going to be Modom's Potato Soup with Poblano from the RFC
    >cookbook. I'll be making a plain mixed green salad with Gawd only knows
    >what dressing I come up with. The salad will have onion, a bit of garlic,
    >sliced radish, cucumber, tomato and blanched baby asparagus. Crusty bread
    >and for dessert, I bought a ton of fruit today. I'm going to make a fruit
    >torte or flan. Probably the flan but I have to find a recipe for it. I lost

    I'm honored and a bit uneasy to boot. It's a curious kind of
    immortality to be represented in a cookbook.

    >From Modom and taken from the RFC cookbook.
    >1 can (480ml)(I'm using my own, I have some on hand) reduced salt
    > chicken broth
    >1 pint milk (480ml)
    >4-5 medium small potatoes, cut into small dice
    >1/2 poblane chile, minced
    >2-3 tablespoons basil olive oil
    >1 teaspoon of minced tasso
    > a few cumin seeds
    > several turns of black pepper
    >Heat the oil in a pot and toss in the cumin. Add the potatoes and poblano.
    >Fry it all till the potatoes just begin to get a little color. Add the
    >tasso. Add the chicken stock and bring to a boil. Add the milk and the
    >pepper. Return to a strong simmer till the potatoes are done--only a couple
    >of minutes.
    >Posted for those that do not have a cookbook.

    You should feel free to adjust the flavors and proportions as you see
    fit. It's not chili, you know.



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