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    unign wrote:
    > *How much (if you do) *

    Sorry, my life is way too full to even think about organising the
    posting a hundred weight of steel and rubber from a provincial English
    town to somewhere in Colorado. I was thinking more like dealing face to
    face with someone in Notts/Leics/Derbys/Lincs or, at a stretch, Devon.

    My house is tiny, and full of clutter. The Coker takes up more space
    than the other unis, and is not earning its keep at the moment.

    One possible plan is to sell the Coker and the Pashley Muni and use the
    money as part funding for a good 24 inch Muni, and to rely on the 700c
    for road/easy trails and distance. That leaves the 20 for Morris
    dancing and hockey.

    Mikefule - Roland Hope School of Unicycling

    So, do you ride with a club?

    No, but I carry a heavy spanner.
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