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    > Ruth's view of the abuse of unicyclists thing is it's the modern
    > equivalent of "Burn the witch!" Thought process: "Whilst I'm joining
    > in the general call for witch-roasting, I'm in the clear." The ones
    > who are abusive to us have simply overestimated the public's appetite
    > for burning witches.

    Well, probably to try to lump all the unicyclist haters under one reason
    for thier behaviour is being too generalist (is there such a word?). I
    suspect that ever unicyclist hater has their own idosyncratic
    reason/history/development via which, through various processes such as
    classical and operant conditioning and various other processes known as
    social learning theory (eg modelling) they developed into unicyclist

    (Can you tell I've just started my clinical psychology course then?)


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