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Discussion in 'UK and Europe' started by MartinM, Dec 7, 2004.

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    Trevor Barton wrote:
    > remeber being appalled that household goods was supplied with no

    > plug when we first arrived here (UK, from Oz, 20 years ago). Not

    > was it a PITA but the thought of every Tom, Dick and Granny wiring

    > own plugs onto their TV was chilling!

    if it was only 20 years ago you wouldn't remember That's Life
    (quasi-consumerist Esther Rantzen Richard Stilgoe et al vehicle BBC

    one edition they went round the streets with a big plug and 3 coloured
    wires to get the Great British Public to wire it up- results were
    scary, and not just from the old lady with the brown hat!
    But yes it was common practice, and also it was hard to get hold of 3
    amp wired plugs so we just used old 13 amp ones off exploded kettles
    and the like, or if you were really stingy just stick the two bare
    wires in the socket and push another plug in.