Re: Do I need Heart Valve Surgery before Kidney Transplant

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    They wanted me to get a stent and pacemaker prior to the transplant because
    of the risk of infection with the immunosuppressive meds. Sounded good to
    me and I had it done.
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    > I have been on Dialysis for past 6 months. Over this period, my heart
    > condition has worsened. I am scheduled for Kidney Transplant soon.
    > I had small stent surgery 3 months back.
    > My 2-D echo Cardiogram report seems concerning:
    > Aortic valve: Sclerosis
    > Opening 1.48
    > closure line central.
    > Mid-systolic notching
    > LV Function : EF flow is 24.2%
    > FS 11.4%
    > Overall LV ejection fraction = 25%
    > Normal RV size N function
    > All other valves are normal structurally.
    > No Vegitation, no pericardiol diffusion.
    > IAS/IVS are intact.
    > No shunt across the great vessels.
    > Can I undergo Kidney Transplant with this Cardic condition? I am 64
    > and was in very good health before starting dialysis. Any
    > experience/feedback will be extremely valuable.
    > Ash