Re: Do you guys commute in the winter?

Brent Hugh wrote:
> [email protected] (Fritz M) wrote in message

news:<[email protected]>...
> > [email protected] (Steven Scharf) wrote:
> > > though a better option is one of the Lightman bicycle
> > > Xenon strobes, also designed for bicycles:

> > My newest toy is an amber Lightman xenon strobe. When I received it

> > immediately turned it on and was stunned by its brightness.
> >
> > I did a conspicuity test Friday night. I have two Vistalite "Super
> > Nebula" 5 LED lights mounted side by side on the back of my rear

> > . . .
> > From very close up (i.e. less than 6 feet away and outside of my
> > vehicle), the xenon is almost blindingly bright compared to the red
> > LEDs. As I moved further from the back of the bike, however, the
> > difference became much less apparent. I don't know if it's the

> > cube law kicking in or what, but the LEDs seemed in my subjective
> > judgement to be just as attention getting as the strobe, especially
> > from several car lengths away. . . .

> I did a similar test on my bike with similar results. I found that 2
> Lightman strobes about perceptually equal to one red LED blinky light
> set on "fast strobe".
> My red LED was a basic "Bell" 5-led red rear light (the older
> model--you can't seem to buy these any more).
> The strobe was a bit brighter to the side, but it was surprisingly
> small.
> It took two Lightman strobes to equal one LED light because the
> strobes have such a long cycle. The blinky light is going about 4x
> per second while each strobe goes about 1x or 2x per second (and

> as the batteries die).

I don't have the Lightman strobe, but the flash rate on my 12V strobe
is 120 flashes per minute. I don't ever let the power source get run
down to a level where the flash rate decreases.

I see that the Lightman AA powered strobe is only 83 per minute on
fresh batteries, and the xenon strobes flash at a slower and slower
rate as the batteries are depleted (as a camera flash takes longer and
longer to charge up as the batteries get weaker).

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