Re: Does anyone have a review of the Road Relief Saddle?

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    joemarshall wrote:
    > However, I do think that if you're bailing out at 7 miles, the quality
    > of your seat is in no way the issue, the issue is your lack of distance
    > riding experience and/or technique, or seating position.
    > Joe

    Maybe, but at 230 lb + there's a lot of downward pressure that is more
    of a contributer than anything else. I have to differ on with you on
    the quality of the seat though.

    When riding a Coker that's been outfitted with a trials seat I'm ready
    to quit at about 6. That seat feels like a piece of plywood with some
    felt glued to it. The KH saddle on my Onza is ultra firm with almost
    no cushion to it. The MUni that Kenny built had a KH style seat that
    was very cushy in comparison but I don't know how it would feel after
    several miles.

    You mentioned technique and seating position being possible
    contributors to low mileage pain. What should one check for? My legs
    feel fine when I have to stop. It's just that I feel like I've been
    straddling a barge tow rope for 3 hours when it begins to start sawing
    back and forth. What could cause this?

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