"Re: Does high starch diet only work for Asians?

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  1. "Not so, if you research it on Medline. Poor folks, eating a lot of
    starch and noodles out of necessity, but not eating westernized food in
    urban areas, are suffering from CVD too.
    Those with access to fish, meat and more fresh veggies fare better."

    As mentioned before, the recent research on such places as medline
    reflects how metabolic diseases are increasing in e. asia where
    traditionally the risk of them was among the lowest in the world. Before
    this trend started they consumed around 70 percent carbs, they still do
    and the research is ongoing to find why this is so. It cann't be percent
    of starch, that hasn't changed much, it is in the additional things in the
    protein and fat areas they now eat much more of and the generally reduced
    physical activity level. If one goes to e. asia the typical everyday meal
    is to have heaping bowls of steamed refined grain and/or noodles made of
    same to which many vegetables and a very small amount of meat is added, or
    among the poor bean curd for what is called "the poor man's meat"; even
    though all classes eat bean curd. This page explains it all, including
    the previously low risk levels that can still be found in some rural
    areas; using china as an example: