Re: Dolan and the Mora Public Library


Edward Dolan

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> Anyone still go to the library? It used to be one of my favorite
> hobbies, visiting all the different neighborhood libraries in NYC (we
> have like, what fifty City-wide), where many have somewhat
> "specialized" collections to reflect their surrounding communities (you
> know -- black stuff for blacks, spanish stuff for hispanics, etc.), but
> I find that they tend to be too full of ****, and are much less
> interesting than a goddamned bookstore! Especially in this age of the
> internet...often more interesting browsing! Too bad. The
> library used to be one of my most favorite places of all. But the only
> things they seem to keep current with anymore is gay ****, black and
> hispanic ****, and the usual pulp fiction garbage.

I believe the public library has indeed fallen on hard times because of the
Internet. I simply can't imagine anyone going to the public library for any
kind of research anymore if you have a computer with Internet access handy.

However, I have always used the public library for recreational reading
purposes. I think it is still good for that. But no one hardly reads
anything anymore. Yes, we browse the Internet but that is not the same thing
as reading a book or a long magazine article.

The public library has played a great role in the history of the US. It was
the poor man's way to acquire an education. Even small town libraries had an
amazing assortment of books by which you could educate yourself. The public
library was one of the glories of American democracy.


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