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    > The source is an online Canadian news source. The sources the article
    > quotes as proof of this are zero. Ilena... posting more hearsay, are we?
    > According to Star magazine - with just as many sources as your article -
    > George Washington was really a woman and Mars (or Saturn?... I forget now)
    > is really an alien space station.
    > Of course, without a means of verifying stories, they are just that
    > stories - works of fiction. Have a good day (and do try to spend this one
    > in reality).

    The Nancy Olivieri Case:
    "The case of University of Toronto clinician Dr. Nancy Olivieri has
    been the focus of international attention since Apotex, corporate
    sponsor of her clinical drug trials of its drug, attempted to suppress
    her findings of unexpected risks..."

    The David Healy Case:
    When David Healy accepted the positions as clinical director of the
    mood and anxiety disorders program at the Centre for Addiction and
    Mental Health and professor of psychiatry at the University of
    Toronto, he had no idea that academic freedom was not part of the
    deal...Goldbloom sent an email on Wednesday telling Healy that he no
    longer had a job at the centre and the university.

    Bitter Pill for David Healy,3858,4417163-106543,00.html

    David Healy's website: