Re: Dura-Ace 7803 Triple Crankset Installation

GEorGE wrote:
> How do I install a Shimano Dura-Ace 7803 10 speed triple crankset?
> I have a 2004 Trek 5900 SL 10 speed carbon road bike with Shimano
> Dura-Ace components. I replaced the 11-23 cassette with a 12-27
> cassette, but still can't climb long, steep hills fast enough. Now
> Shimano has come out in 2005 with a 680 g triple crank with 30/39/52
> chainrings with MSRP of $485.99 (to replace my 39/53).
> What else will I need to change? Front derailler? Shifter? Back
> derailler? Shimano computer (which indicates which gear I am in)?

This might be one of the few instances where a compact(110mm bcd)
crankset makes sense. Go buy one of the FSA compact cranksets with the
integral bottom bracket thing. They have models from $500 carbon to
$180 aluminum. 50-34 chainrings. Total cost even if you pay full
retail local bike shop price for the most expensive crankset will be
half what the cost of going to the Dura Ace triple will be. You can
also buy a TA brand 33 tooth ring for the 110mm bcd compact cranksets
from Peter White or Harris Cyclery if the 34 is not quite low enough.

A problem with the Dura Ace triple is the 30 tooth inner ring is as low
as you can go. Dura Ace uses a unique mounting system/bolt circle for
the inner ring and only 30 teeth is possible. So the 33 tooth minimum
you can get with the 110 mm bcd compact crankset is about as low as the
Dura Ace triple. For lots less money. 30x27 is 29.4 gear inches.
33x27 is 32.4 gear inches. 3 gear inches probably won't make any