Re: Easy question about technical clothing (Thanks Westie! :-)

Hey, thanks Westie.
This has been the most intelligent response so far.

It makes sense, and (in my case) it may be that the skin-tight synths don't allow for enough air-flow as the looser fitting synths do.
Hence, an evaporation problem. (Which makes me wonder about those tight-fitting biking jerseys, the ones with 3 pockets on the back. :)

Thanks so much!! :)


This is my understanding:
Parts of it may be not quite right.

Your body cools itself by evaporation. You sweat, the sweat absorbs the
heat from your body, evaporates and the moist air wafts away from your
skin. You feel cooler.

On a hot day, cotton absorbs the sweat for a while which helps promote
cooling. Then it quickly becomes saturated and no longer moves the
sweat away from the skin, it prevents the evaporating sweat and moist
air under the cloth from wafting around and suddenly you are wearing a
garment laden with warm water and no air circulation to carry away the
seat remaining on the skin.

On a cold day, the cotton absorbs the sweat for a short while. The
shirt becomes saturated and the cold outdoor temperatures make the sweat
very cold very quickly. The body is surrounded by a wet garment that
transfers heat away from the skin very fast. If it is cold and windy
evaporation on the outside of the garment does occur and the body is
cooled down very quickly. Those dangerous and lethal fast cooling effects.

Cold weather insulating Synthetic wicking fabrics work by drawing the
moisture away from the skin, and preventing the air next to the skin
from escaping. They keep a layer of dry warm air against the skin.
This keeps the skin dry and reduces the evapouration off the skin but
prevents the garment getting wet too by letting the moisture evapourate
from the outside garment surface better than cotton does. The garment
doesn't become saturated.

Warm weather cooling synthetic fabrics work by drawing the moisture away
and promoting airflow across the skin. The skin cools by evaporation
and the loose weave allows plenty of air-flow.