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    > I'm not sure if this comes with the territory (consider where I'm
    > posting), but I always seem to garner weird stares during my lunch
    > break, followed by the inevitable - "Where's that from?" or "You COOKED
    > that?". I almost feel odd eating my leftovers while everyone else is
    > chowing down on Chicken Fingers 'n Fries or whatever else the picked up
    > from the fast food joints. During part-time jobs this was expected or at
    > least understood, but now that I'm in the engineering department at
    > Nucor Steel I'd have thought people's eating habits would have improved
    > with their education level. Have you guys noticed the same reactions
    > where you work?

    I usually take salad of some sort, and I get "wow, that looks healthy"
    from people. As they chow down on chips and cinnamon buns and what the
    heck ever.

    Bringing my own salad is cheaper, tastier, more varied, healthier and
    (important for me as I have weird allergies) guaranteed not to make me