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Discussion in 'General Fitness' started by TenKBabe, Aug 20, 2004.

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    Dot wrote:
    > TenKBabe wrote:

    > > Probably the most important thing is don't try anything unusual on

    > > day. Always try it a few times before a regular training run. Make

    > > it will work for you. Since your race is Saturday, you have no time

    > > test anything. Just go with what you've been eating in the past

    > > a long run. Nonetheless, for next time I would leave out the juice,
    > > especially if it is citrus juice. I would eat oatmeal or cream of
    > > wheat. Nothing with a milk product in it. And also no milk products

    > > night before a race.

    > As you point out, this is what you've found works for you. I'm

    > why you would recommend against citrus juice and milk for someone

    > not indicated an aversion to either, and in fact seems to drink juice

    > regularly and I suspect has milk on his cereal.

    I tried to stress the "YMMV" component of my post. The OP hasn't posted
    back as to what they have eaten prior to similar training runs in the
    90 to 100 minute range. Without that information, we can only
    speculate. It could be that this is the OP's longest run to date. In
    which case I would not recommend anything that has a chance for causing
    a problem. But again, YMMV. ;-)

    > I know some people have
    > aversions to these, but why would this be a general recommendation. I

    > know I'd be one grumpy runner if I didn't have ice cream before I

    > to bed and orange juice in the morning. Just curious.
    > >
    > >
    > >>All advice appreciated, though commonly available products such as
    > >>fresh fruit is more relevant for me. I won't have the time to hunt
    > >>down energy bars or the like between now and then.

    > At this point, just do what you normally do for your training runs.